Experience the Performance Difference

Full Time Flight Instructors

You have a personal certified flight instructor who is available to meet your scheduling needs, guide you step by step through the whole flight training process, and encourage you along the way.

Modern Cessna Aircraft

We utilize modern Cessna 172 Skyhawks which offer our customers the perfect integration of state-of-the-art avionics with the long standing safety, reliability and forgiving nature that made the Cessna Skyhawk the most popular private aircraft ever built.

Superior Maintenance

Our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards by Silverhawk Aviation, a Cessna Service Center. We spend more on maintenance than most other flight schools in the area. We can't imagine lowering our safety standards, in order to lower our rental rates.

Cessna Flight Training System

The Cessna online multimedia training course makes learning to fly easier than ever. With home study corresponding with each flight, you come completely prepared for every training flight. Click here for a free demo.

Training For Your Goals

We not only give you the training needed to meet the FAA’s private pilot’s license standards, but also help you to integrate flying into your life. Whether you plan to use flying for business or pleasure, we customize your training so you can competently and safely use aviation for your specific goals and destinations.


When you fly with us, you are a part of our community. That means, when you complete your first solo flight and then finish your pilot’s license, your photo goes up on our wall with all the other Performance pilots. We also offer educational seminars and social events, and keep you connected with other pilots on our Facebook page.

Share in the Success

30% Less Flight Time

Our clients complete their pilot’s license in 30% less flight time than the national average. Lower hourly rates don’t always save money. Quality matters. Learn more in less time with the Performance Difference.

Over Double the Completion Rate

Our private pilot’s license completion rate is over double than the national average. Succeed with the Performance Difference.

Exemplary Safety Record

With our safety first approach, we have flown over 5,500 hours since Performance Aircraft started with no accidents. Safety with the Performance Difference.

Proven History

We have trained dozens of pilots. Read more about our customer’s experiences by clicking here. Confidence with the Performance Difference.

The Performance Difference combines industry leading resources, processes, and standards with a staff that is enthusiastic about your success. Experience the Difference. Call our contact us today.

Imagine traveling twice as fast as you can drive. Imagine taking friends and family on trips. Skiing. Surfing. Golfing. Shopping. Imagine making impossible business appointments in cities far away and still making it home at night.

Imagine taking off after work for a bite of the world's best Italian food. In that quaint little bistro. Two states away. Imagine just exploring the wild blue yonder.

Stop Imagining and Start Flying!


Explore Flying. Call us today or click here to purchase your Discovery Flight.

Take your first step towards experiencing the freedom, adventure, and community enjoyed by Nebraska's 3700 pilots.

Currency Training. Keep your skills proficient.

Don't let your pilot skills get rusty! Set up a time to meet with one of our instructors for a Flight Review, Instrument Proficiency Check, or to brush up on skills like Control Tower Communications, Cross Wind Landings, and more.

Advanced Training.  Take the next step or start on your flying career!

If you are already a private pilot, we can take you to the next level. We offer Instrument Rating, Glass Cockpit Training, Commercial Certificate Training, and Flight Instructor Certificate Training.

We have all your flying essentials from start to finish!