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Welcoming More Certified Flight Instructors to our Team

June 11, 2019

Availability for flight lessons continues to expand as our team sees more growth. We’re thrilled to announce the addition of two more Certified Flight Instructors, Alex Mislevy and Jesse Foster, to our team!

Alex Mislevy (left) started his training as a pilot when he was a senior in high school in 2011. After his first flight, he knew this was the career path for him and worked to complete his private pilot license the summer after he graduated high school. Alex attended college at Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, Florida, where he earned his instrument rating. After completing the coursework for his degree, he finished his commercial pilot license and flight instructor certificate in Pennsylvania.

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Spring 2019 Update

April 09, 2019

With signs of Spring beginning to appear, we are also witnessing rapid changes with the construction of our new facility. The exterior of the building is coming together, with cement work to be completed shortly. Currently, completion of the new facility is slated for sometime this summer.The new facility will be the home of our rapidly expanding flight training center and pilot training academy as well as continued aircraft sales business. With roughly 6,000 square feet of office space and a large aircraft hangar, the new facility will be the perfect space for customers as they complete their flight training. We’re pleased to announce the addition of another CFI, Ryan Lutzkanin, to our team.Ryan grew up in a military family and moved around every few years. He’s lived in most parts of the United States and spent six years in a small town in Germany. His family settled down in Kansas City, where he attended The University of Kansas and studied philosophy and economics.

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Continued Growth and Expansion

January 10, 2019

Availability for flight lessons continues to expand as our team sees more growth. We’re happy to highlight four new flight-training-focused employees: three flight instructors and one support staff member. Along with the steady addition of employees, we’re also looking forward to having expanded office space upon the upcoming completion of our new building in the next few months. Construction is moving ahead during the winter months, and the metal frame is now partially in place. Progress can be seen week by week. We’re excited to have a fresh new home for all of our new instructors and aircraft fleet, as well as improved study and testing space for our customers.

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flight training gift certificate

Give the Gift of Flight

November 28, 2018

Looking for the perfect gift for that wannabe pilot? Or maybe you know someone who is actively working on their flight training at Performance Aircraft? Performance Aircraft’s Gift Certificates make excellent gifts!
There are several discovery flight options to choose from, including how long your flight will last and the type of aircraft you will experience. We also offer gift certificates in any dollar amount to help your loved one progress in their flight training. Gift certificates can be used towards flight instruction and aircraft rental as well as anything in our Pilot Shop.

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Be Prepared for Night Flying

November 02, 2018

As Daylight Savings Time begins and more flights occur after sunset, being prepared for flying at night is crucial. Spectacular views, cooler (calmer) air, and less traffic make flying at night a delightful experience for many pilots and their passengers. In fact, many pilots prefer flying at night because the experience is so enjoyable. Whether or not you plan to do a fair amount of night flying this year, it’s a smart move to make sure you’re ready. Not every flight plays out the way you originally intended, and even minor delays due to weather or a meeting that ran long can mean a return trip that unexpectedly involves flying at dusk or beyond.

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new construction

Performance Aircraft Announces Construction of New Facility at KLNK

September 18, 2018

Performance Aircraft announced today that it will soon break ground on a new facility that will house its Flight Training Center and Aircraft Sales team. Conveniently located next to the General Aviation ramp on West Kearney Ave., the new facility will include roughly 6,000 square feet of office space and a large aircraft hangar. “We are so pleased to announce that we will be starting construction on this new facility,” stated company Founder/President Bill Heckathorn. “We have been growing significantly over the past few years, and we have plans for even more aggressive growth in the next few years. This new facility will be the perfect space for our company to expand and serve customers.”

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multi-engine aircraft rental

Performance Aircraft Adding Matching Skyhawk Fleet and Multi-Engine Aircraft

September 07, 2018

Just months after adding a brand new 2018 Cirrus SR20 G6 to our aircraft rental fleet, Performance Aircraft has acquired a fleet of multiple identical Cessna 172 Skyhawks and a Piper Seminole. The matching, interchangeable Skyhawks and multi-engine aircraft will drastically increase availability and flexibility for students. Adding the Piper Seminole to our fleet will allow Performance Aircraft to provide customers with valuable multi-engine experience and offer training programs for Multi Engine Commercial and Multi-Engine Intstructor ratings.

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new team members

Introducing our newest team members: Keaton, Sarah, Alix, Zach, Matt, and Steve

July 16, 2018

We announced this spring that we would be introducing a couple of new full-time Certified Flight Instructors. We now have three new CFIs as well as three additional new team members for you to meet!

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Full-Time Certified Flight Instructors Joining our Team

May 23, 2018

Get ready to welcome some new faces—Performance Aircraft has been searching diligently for the right individuals to join our team, and we can’t wait for you to meet them! We have recently hired two excellent Certified Flight Instructors, and we’re happy to share that they will both be joining our team in the next two weeks!

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Cirrus Training Center

Performance Aircraft Announces Cirrus Training Center

April 03, 2018

Performance Aircraft has officially teamed up with Cirrus Aircraft to become the Midwest’s premier Cirrus Training Center. The partnership aligns two innovative companies who both value safety and excellence in flight training. As an authorized Cirrus Training Center, Performance Aircraft is also adding a 2018 Cirrus SR20 G6 to provide trainees with the best experience and flight training in the industry.

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