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Announcing Our Core Values

August 22, 2017

It’s finally here and we’re very excited!

No, we’re not talking about “The Great American Eclipse of 2017.” We’re talking about something that will have a far greater impact on a number of very important people—our teammates and customers at Performance Aircraft.

We are officially unveiling our company’s Core Values.

While it took us nearly 18 months to nail down, tweak, and “perfect” the language used in our company’s official Core Values, it feels like we have actually had these Core Values in place for years. In fact, the year-and-a-half long process of creating our Core Values was less “determining” and more “discovering.”

We started by asking some WHAT questions:

“What makes us unique?

“What are the values that differentiate us from everyone else?”

And then we discovered that it’s less about WHAT and more about HOW:

“How do we provide the same types of services available from other companies, but do it in a way that better achieves our Mission?

“How do we achieve greater success for our customers?”

“How do we do it DIFFERENT and BETTER?”

We’ve taken the answers and boiled them all down (at long last!) to the following Core Values:

  1. Do Everything with Integrity.
  2. Innovate and Improve.
  3. Provide Knowledge that’s Valuable.
  4. Apply Truth and Grace.

To those who have known us since the beginning, the first three Core Values may sound reminiscent of our original company slogan from 13 years ago, “Selling aircraft through integrity, innovation and knowledge.” It not surprising that many years later, Performance Aircraft still values the same ideals it was founded upon.

The fourth Core Value is one that was born over time, as the company went from having just one employee and a few customers to having many employees and hundreds of customers. It doesn’t matter who we are communicating with or what message we are sharing, we have learned that truth and grace should go hand in hand for the benefit of everyone.

We invite you to learn more about our official Core Values here, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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What satisfied customers are saying...

  • I trusted the team at Performance Aircraft to help me identify an airplane that fit my mission, budget, and goals.  I'm happy to say that they exceeded all my expectations by keeping me informed throughout every step of the process.  You can trust that this team is not out to sell you an airplane but to be a lifelong aviation partner.  I would definitely use them again for selling or buying an aircraft.  Thank you!
    – Eric Leatherman, Nebraska
  • As a first time buyer, I was nervous about the entire process–plane selection, negotiations, paperwork, and closing. After my first contact with Stacey at Performance Aircraft, I knew they were the right fit to help me. She quickly made me feel at ease with everything. Their website is positively the best and most comprehensive in its class.  The process was smooth and the plane was exactly as it was represented. I couldn't be happier!
    – Dennis Cooley, Florida
  • Your team did exactly what you said you would do, which is a very rare trait in today's business world. I would recommend you guys have integrity.
    – Tony Wagner, Florida
  • I purchased an airplane from Performance Aircraft a few years ago and have also utilized some of their Flight Training Services since that time. I have developed a respect for their professional expertise in both their Training and Sales side of their business.
    – Mike Kelly, Nebraska
  • Because of your professional team and alliances with other top companies, you will be my first call when looking to purchase another airplane. Thank you again.
    – Tom Saxon, Florida
  • I would tell my friends they can trust Performance Aircraft to provide honest, ethical, and enthusiastic service. Bill found an aircraft that best suits our needs while staying well within our budget. The whole process was practically stress-free. And, the post-purchase training and follow-ups have been phenomenal.
    – Matt Young, Wyoming
  • Your communication here is very good and I really appreciated your honesty. Your follow up is awesome. Bill knew the value of airplanes as well as anyone I have met in the industry and I have been flying for over 30 years. You guys did a great job communicating with me throughout the process and kept the plane moving to closing. I was very pleased with everything.
    – Randy Christo, Nebraska
  • Performance Aircraft can help you achieve a life-time dream of becoming a pilot. You can go for it with confidence and know that you will receive great instruction as evidenced by many before you. Take time to look at the picture gallery in their office; you may even see some people you know that have already attained their private pilot license.
    – Donn Stoner, Nebraska
  • Their knowledge of the market allowed us to feel confident that they understood aircraft values. Additionally, the personality of the marketing team made this an easy decision that we would be treated well and communicated with frequently on their progress.
    – Skyhawk Flying Club, Nebraska
  • You guys did an excellent job. It was exactly what I needed and you did everything you said you would do. I would highly recommend your company. Additionally, I believe you added value to the process. Thanks for a job well done!
    – Dave Cochran, Minnesota
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