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Why YOU Should Learn to Fly

January 19, 2018

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Our Top 4 Reasons YOU Should Learn to Fly

Thinking about learning to fly? We could go on for hours about all of the great reasons to embark on flight training, but that might be a bit overwhelming. We narrowed our list down—from hundreds of great ones—to the following top four reasons we think YOU should learn to learn to fly.


Reason #1: Learning to fly is a really BIG accomplishment.

Learning to fly takes more than just practicing how to safely pilot and land an aircraft. It demands a lot of hard work and dedication. When you finish flight training, you’ll have a confidence and sense of accomplishment that’s hard to describe. You may also look back and appreciate how the flight training process challenged and equipped you with a host of other life skills, including: responsibility, respect, focus, commitment, and patience.


Reason #2: Your perception of time will change.

Traveling places in a fraction of the time opens your world to options and possibilities you would have never considered before. As a pilot, you can visit your relatives who live across the country for the weekend and still be back at work on Monday. You can take your friends and family on trips to the beach or the ski slopes without waiting in lines at the airport or spending days in the car. You can even jump in a plane and fly to a meeting a few states away—and still make it back home before dinner.


Reason #3: The job opportunities for pilots are endless.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a serious pilot shortage happening right now, and this shortage is expected to increase over the next decade. Job opportunities for pilots abound, and the variety is truly remarkable. You can fly for airlines, corporate flight departments, charter companies, government entities, flight schools, and even charitable organizations. So your decision to embark on flight training can prepare you for an in-demand, exciting, and rewarding career.


Reason #4: Flying is FUN.

In the end, our favorite reason for learning to fly is that flying is FUN! Flying a plane is a reward in itself, and you get to experience it. Prepare to be the pilot-in-command, enjoying exhilarating views and thrills that are truly unique to flying.


Want to hear more reasons? We’d love to share! If you’re interested in flight training, let us know by completing the form below!

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    – Thomas M. Belford, Nebraska
  • My first sale with Performance Aircraft was inked in four business days, for more than the listing price! The second, a Beechcraft King Air 300LW, was an impossible task—after five brokerage firms unsuccessfully tried, Performance Aircraft delivered! They understand the market, the people involved, and have so much integrity with both sides of the transaction. Theirs is a world wide reach, with an unbelievable staff. 
    – Tony Spears, Texas
  • I trusted the team at Performance Aircraft to help me identify an airplane that fit my mission, budget, and goals.  I'm happy to say that they exceeded all my expectations by keeping me informed throughout every step of the process.  You can trust that this team is not out to sell you an airplane but to be a lifelong aviation partner.  I would definitely use them again for selling or buying an aircraft.  Thank you!
    – Eric Leatherman, Nebraska
  • As a first time buyer, I was nervous about the entire process–plane selection, negotiations, paperwork, and closing. After my first contact with Stacey at Performance Aircraft, I knew they were the right fit to help me. She quickly made me feel at ease with everything. Their website is positively the best and most comprehensive in its class.  The process was smooth and the plane was exactly as it was represented. I couldn't be happier!
    – Dennis Cooley, Florida
  • Your team did exactly what you said you would do, which is a very rare trait in today's business world. I would recommend you guys have integrity.
    – Tony Wagner, Florida
  • I purchased an airplane from Performance Aircraft a few years ago and have also utilized some of their Flight Training Services since that time. I have developed a respect for their professional expertise in both their Training and Sales side of their business.
    – Mike Kelly, Nebraska
  • Because of your professional team and alliances with other top companies, you will be my first call when looking to purchase another airplane. Thank you again.
    – Tom Saxon, Florida
  • I would tell my friends they can trust Performance Aircraft to provide honest, ethical, and enthusiastic service. Bill found an aircraft that best suits our needs while staying well within our budget. The whole process was practically stress-free. And, the post-purchase training and follow-ups have been phenomenal.
    – Matt Young, Wyoming
  • Your communication here is very good and I really appreciated your honesty. Your follow up is awesome. Bill knew the value of airplanes as well as anyone I have met in the industry and I have been flying for over 30 years. You guys did a great job communicating with me throughout the process and kept the plane moving to closing. I was very pleased with everything.
    – Randy Christo, Nebraska
  • Their knowledge of the market allowed us to feel confident that they understood aircraft values. Additionally, the personality of the marketing team made this an easy decision that we would be treated well and communicated with frequently on their progress.
    – Skyhawk Flying Club, Nebraska
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